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Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Gearing up for Summer in Nenana and Alaska

Our family is getting ready for summer!  School is out May 20th and we are looking forward to having not so much to do!  AWANA is over for this school year and Tae Kwondo will soon be ending.  The bikes are out and so is the bug dope.

We went to Anchorage last week to get the car fixed (they didn’t have the parts, it is not fixed), and to help my parents open the Whittier Seaman’s Mission.  We took the plastic off the windows, organized the videos, washed the coffee cups, and put the batteries back in the clocks.  We had great weather going both directions.  We saw moose, caribou, mountain sheep, eagles and rabbits.


The ice went out of the river on May 1st at 8:41 p.m. Alaska Standard Time.  We got to be there to see it!

Here is a you tube video taken by Art Thompson


Friday, January 16th, 2009

Weird weather

Can you see that the thermomenter is reading 41 degrees ABOVE zero?  Do you realize that on Jan 3rd it was -50?  It stayed really cold until Jan 11, and then a Chinook, a warm breeze blew through and warmed things up.  That is a difference of 90 degrees in three days!  Wow!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

A Tragedy

A 15 year old boy was killed on Saturday night in a snow machine/car accident on the Parks Hwy.  He is a local boy, very well known and loved.  He attended our youth group.

Our town is devastated and the teenagers are walking wells of tears.  

The funeral will be on Friday evening.  The family is choosing to be alone during this time of grief.

Please pray for Pastor Bill as he will be taking part in the service, and for the boy’s family.

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Back at home, safe and sound

We are so thankfully back at home. We did lose a few things, odds and ends, and some photographs, but we are safe. There is still some sitting water and the disaster relief agency is in town taking applications, but most things are back to business as usual. There are some people in town who lost almost everything and have structural damage to their homes.

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Nenana Flood

The last time Nenana flooded was in 1967.  All the houses built after that date are built on a tall foundation.  Thankfully, our house was built after the flood, so our stuff is high and dry.  However, there are many in Nenana who have lost almost everything.  Rebecca and the kids have evacuated to Anchorage to her parents house, but Bill has stayed behind to help out the EMT in any way he can.

The river started to rise on Wednesday, July 30, and went over the banks on Friday, Aug. 1st.  By Saturday morning, the streets were full of water, enough to canoe down the street.  The fear was that the water and sewer would stop working, so most of our end of town evacuated.  By Sunday, the water was waist deep in front of my house!  Thanks Dad, for telling me to move the car!  We waded back in to the house to get some more clothes in order to go to Anchorage.  My grandma was in Fairbanks on her way to Anchorage with her friend Janice after a bridge tournament.  They gave us (and our little dog, Maggie) a ride to town.  THANKS!

The water is currently receding but rain is in the forecast for the next three days.  Rebecca and the kids might return this weekend.  School is supposed to start on August 14, and hopefully by then we will be able to get to the school without a boat!  But we are safe in Anchorage so there is no hurry to go back to Nenana.  Bill is staying at a friends house and calls every day with an update. 

Photos are at

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Living in Nenana

Life in Alaska is just different.

We wanted to sell our Jeep.  It is old but runs pretty good, we just didn’t need a second vehicle.  So we put a for sale sign on it.  $500.  George came by and looked at the Jeep, but couldn’t afford $500.  He just started up a small engine shop, and so his money has gone into that.  Small engine shop!  Hey, we need a lawn mower!  George, how about $300 and a lawn mower?  Can we make a deal?  The deal was reached with a handshake.  George brought over a nice lawnmower and left with the Jeep, and will make payments on the cash part.  Both parties are just thrilled with the bargain!

Our friend Miles has a river boat and we wanted a ride.  He took us an hour and a half up the river, just to enjoy the evening.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship and enjoying the outdoors.  Half an hour back down, thanks to a strong current.  To pay Miles for the boat ride, I made him a full size lasagna.  He lives alone and cooking for one is always hard.  What a deal, lasagna for a boat ride.

Life in Alaska is just different!


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