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Nenana Flood

The last time Nenana flooded was in 1967.  All the houses built after that date are built on a tall foundation.  Thankfully, our house was built after the flood, so our stuff is high and dry.  However, there are many in Nenana who have lost almost everything.  Rebecca and the kids have evacuated to Anchorage to her parents house, but Bill has stayed behind to help out the EMT in any way he can.

The river started to rise on Wednesday, July 30, and went over the banks on Friday, Aug. 1st.  By Saturday morning, the streets were full of water, enough to canoe down the street.  The fear was that the water and sewer would stop working, so most of our end of town evacuated.  By Sunday, the water was waist deep in front of my house!  Thanks Dad, for telling me to move the car!  We waded back in to the house to get some more clothes in order to go to Anchorage.  My grandma was in Fairbanks on her way to Anchorage with her friend Janice after a bridge tournament.  They gave us (and our little dog, Maggie) a ride to town.  THANKS!

The water is currently receding but rain is in the forecast for the next three days.  Rebecca and the kids might return this weekend.  School is supposed to start on August 14, and hopefully by then we will be able to get to the school without a boat!  But we are safe in Anchorage so there is no hurry to go back to Nenana.  Bill is staying at a friends house and calls every day with an update. 

Photos are at www.nenana.blogspot.com

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