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Living in Nenana

Life in Alaska is just different.

We wanted to sell our Jeep.  It is old but runs pretty good, we just didn’t need a second vehicle.  So we put a for sale sign on it.  $500.  George came by and looked at the Jeep, but couldn’t afford $500.  He just started up a small engine shop, and so his money has gone into that.  Small engine shop!  Hey, we need a lawn mower!  George, how about $300 and a lawn mower?  Can we make a deal?  The deal was reached with a handshake.  George brought over a nice lawnmower and left with the Jeep, and will make payments on the cash part.  Both parties are just thrilled with the bargain!

Our friend Miles has a river boat and we wanted a ride.  He took us an hour and a half up the river, just to enjoy the evening.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship and enjoying the outdoors.  Half an hour back down, thanks to a strong current.  To pay Miles for the boat ride, I made him a full size lasagna.  He lives alone and cooking for one is always hard.  What a deal, lasagna for a boat ride.

Life in Alaska is just different!



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